She Rules Her Life Like a Fine Skylark…

Every time a blog is published, an angel gets his wings… no, that can’t be right. I know what you are thinking, another blog, meh. What does she have to offer? Well let me tell you, with a name like Rhiannon, you can bet I am not like the rest.

Wanders° and Musings won’t just be fashion or photography or cuisine, it will be all things! Most blogs today are hyper-focused on one single topic, and I am here to tell you, that many of us have a menagerie of interests we want to explore. That is where I come in.

So who am I and why should you read my blog? Well I am here to tell you. Because I am going to keep it honest, keep it engaging and above all else, give you great variety in all aspects and all topics. It’s going to be photography, culture, travels, decorating, fashion-finds and much more. So yes, I am giving in to any whim I so choose. God bless America.

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