The Art of Writing Thank You’s

Most of us are quite familiar with the phrase ‘thank you’, our parents would likely eye us each time we were handed a gift and immediately prompt us with “…what do you say”? Thank you is an impactful set of words, it can make someone feel recognized, appreciated and loved. I think the world needs more of that floating around!

In today’s digital age it is easy to send a quick email or text – which is great – but nothing compares to a hand-written note delivered via snail mail (yes, with those sticky things called stamps). I know I get school-girl type of giddy when I see one in the mailbox.


I am a firm believer in showing appreciation for any great gift, experience or gesture. The key is to take your time and really show how thankful you are with words. Did you get a cool gift? Explain how much you love that new bracelet, scarf, etc. Did someone at work help you with a big project? Tell them why their time mattered to you. Have you interviewed for a job? Thank the hiring manager for meeting with you. Pretty simple, but oh so important.

SAMPLE: Beth, Thank you for the scarf, I really love the colors and I cannot wait to wear it. I will see you very soon, can’t wait for brunch Saturday. Much love, R

In regards to frequency, sooner is better than later. You don’t want it to take so long that the recipient forgot what they said/gave/did for you! My ideal is 2-5 days after, but two weeks is acceptable.

Now for the fun part, picking out the actual thank you cards! My strategy is to buy in bulk at off-price retailers, this gives a girl the most bang for her buck. Here in Maine the best deal is TJ Maxx/Marshall’s – I purchased 40 Neapolitan color-schemed cards for $5.99 (yup, score). I have them close and at the ready!


Need more inspiration? You can visit Hallmark and Southern Living for more tips and a helpful template. Happy writing, everyone!




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