The Signs of a Great Woman

Being surrounded by strong, confident, intelligent, kind and supportive women is something that is extremely important to me. Lately, especially on social media, I have noticed a lot of cruelty and competition among this gender and it really got me thinking.

Let me tell you, there is more than enough to go around: beauty, fame, men, money… there isn’t some limited supply that is dwindling and we all must compete. I’d like us all to dare to be great women and support each other.

Signs of a great woman are:

  • how she handles herself
  • how she treats others
  • what she contributes to the world

Women who graciously support other women do the following things:

They think before they speak (or type). A great woman knows words can hurt and she is careful with what she chooses to say and/or write. Most likely she follows the general rule: “..if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”.

They lift each other up. Did a female co-worker give a poised presentation at work? A great woman will tell her peer right away how amazing she was. Is a friend or even a stranger wearing a killer outfit? She will compliment her on how beautiful she looks. It is always at the forefront of her mind to uplift someone else with words or even just a smile.

They don’t gossip. Great women don’t get caught up in the rumor mill, they are busy making plans and doing incredible things. Mindless chatter about so-and-so has no place in her life because is too busy and focused on the good things.

They know there is enough for all. She knows celebrating another woman’s success will not diminish her own, and she isn’t afraid to be an advocate or mentor. Helping another woman succeed and grow is a fabulous addition to her life… bottom line: it is about human kindness.

I am fortunate for the great woman who raised me, the great women who I call friends and the ones I still have yet to meet!

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