Jesus, Take My Heels

Yes, this is a pun. Take the wheel and my heels, dear Lord. But seriously take them… off my feet and far, far away. Andromeda Galaxy far.


Walking more than a mile in heels of any height is not smart, yet somehow we have all been faced with walking way too far in shoes which left not only emotional scars but also blisters the size of golf balls. Besides that very fact, another reason to turn in the stilettos for good:

“I just can’t do heels any more. At least not when I’m working… I travel a lot.”

– Victoria Beckham, 2016

Well if Vicky Becks is turning hers in, then who am I to not follow the style icon’s lead? But really!

So at 32, it might finally be time to get practical. Yet I still love the magic of putting on a pair and becoming elevated to a new level (5’10” to be exact). The air is definitely better up there!

So perhaps a little less stiletto and a bit more kitten heel and a lot more focus on comfort. Who’s with me?

// Photo Details //

Equipment: iPhone 6.

Editing: Instagram ‘Mayfair’ filter.

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