Four-Legged Lessons

My sweet girl has taught me many things:

Sandy paws aren’t the end of the world, what matters is how fun it was to run the beach and swim in the frigid ocean.

Blondes really do have more fun.

It is always a good time to cuddle… in the morning, in the early afternoon, perhaps again later at night. There is never a time where a cuddle won’t do.

If you are cute you can get away with just about anything. Almost.

Forgive quickly and don’t stay mad for very long. It is better to be close again and move on, then to stay upset.


Miss Elle: A 3 year-old English Cocker Spaniel

Even with the shortest of legs you can climb the biggest of mountains, just keep your eyes on the summit.

Don’t blindly give away trust, love and affection, make people work for it. Those who are worthy won’t mind earning it.

Unconditional love means loving even when it gets tough. Even when it means monthly injections and medications for life. Times get tough but that is when it is most important to love without conditions and without hesitation.


// Photo Details //

Equipment: Canon DSLR Rebel T3i, 85MM 1.8 lens, aperture f/2.5,  shutter speed 1/4000, ISO 100.

Editing: Adobe Lightroom, ‘Pretty Presets: Luminous Collection’.

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