The App Must-Haves

Here are the iPhone applications I love and use most often:

Instagram: My social media platform of choice. I love photography and there is an abundance of new visuals each day. I also enjoy creating my own story through pictures. Find me @ rhiannon_karynn

HauteLook: This app does double duty, including both HauteLook and Nordstrom Rack online stores. For anyone who loves fashion at a low price, this one’s for you!

WordPress: I can update my blog from anywhere, how convenient is that?! This option also lets me upload photos from my phone right to my blog at lightning-fast speeds, the experience is synced online as well – handy!

MyFitnessPal: This app helped me get back on track and lose ten pounds. It keeps the user accountable regarding exercise and daily calorie intake. There are also helpful insights which show breakdowns of macro-nutrients and foods high in sugar/fat, etc.

Etsy: I am a girl who loves handmade items! This app compiles a ton of amazingly talented artisans with some very cool gift ideas. Not to mention most Etsy sellers are more than happy to personalize your order!

Pic Stitch: This app lets you make a collage, but in an organized format by sectioning off photos while not looking too busy. I use this a lot in conjunction with Poshmark (below).

Poshmark: This neat app allows you to buy and sell new or gently-used clothing and reach thousands of interest buyers. I have made over $2.5k selling my clothes on Posh. One of my top favorites! Find me @ rhiannon219

Morpholio Board: My newest find allows you to make a mood board or collage, a very fun experience for those who are creative. There is a slight learning curve but once you get the hang of things, it’s easy!


VSCOcam: This is my new favorite application for adding filters to photos aside from Instagram. VSCOcam has an eclectic blend of presets which can add new dimension to your pictures. My favorite preset lately is ‘T1’.

Do you have a favorite app use you? I’d love to hear about it, comment below!


// Photo Details // Photos are screenshots from the Apple iPhone App Store.

One thought on “The App Must-Haves

  1. K.M. Sutton says:

    Being a sports girl, I love how most teams have apps so you can keep up to date on scores, trades, injuries and stats. Where ever I am I can follow the Rangers and Giants!:)

    Liked by 1 person

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