A Secret Beachcomber’s Haven: The Hunt for ‘Sea Glass Beach’

This begins the story of the hunt for ‘sea glass beach’, an elusive and hidden gem which sat secretly nestled between three large rocks closest to the ocean. My friend Beth and I had received a short list of very vague directions to the secret spot and decided one evening to trek along the miles of rocky shore in hopes of finding the beach.

It just so happened that the instructions to the sea glass beach did not include distance but only a few key landmarks to ensure we were on the correct path. The trail, which hugged the vast coastline, was over three miles long and spanned the entire neck of land. Our quick jaunt suddenly turned into a massive hike, I had contemplated leaving breadcrumbs so we could find our way back.

The sun started to drop low in the sky and the warm end-of-summer night air began to get sweetly crisp just as it does when fall is on the of cusp of arriving. We couldn’t help but laugh at ourselves, wandering aimlessly trying to find this beach which we hoped would boast endless amounts of sea glass frosted by salt and the angry ocean waves. For avid beachcombers, this would be the ultimate haven.

I could feel my once-steady breath getting more frantic as we increased our walking speed, still following the shore and heading south along the jagged trail. We stopped one couple who were residents of the area and asked them if they had heard of the beach. They had not. We kept moving and tried to follow the vague list we had been given. I couldn’t help but laugh at our adventure, however I knew even then it would make a great story someday.

After about two miles, we saw a large gathering of people who were picnicking near the shore. The family had two small adorable boys who were dressed befitting a country club. We ventured over and asked the group if they knew where we could find the particular beach. One woman casually told her two boys to show us to to the spot. Oh sweet victory!

The young boys navigated expertly in bare feet, dipping suddenly between a cluster of very large rocks. Low tide revealed a secluded area which was covered in small sea rocks, the perfect area for sea glass to become tussled by the elements. With no treasures in sight, we looked at each other quizzically then asked the boys where we might find the glass. They replied happily that we would need to dig. Soon they left us to rejoin their family and we stood dumbfounded. Some initial digging yielded not one piece of sea glass and we conceded that the residents had cleaned out the area’s supply.

Beth and I vowed to return in fall when the locals had left and only a few brave and dedicated beachcombers would venture out.

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