The Latest Fashion Finds in Maine°

Maine is widely known for its endless summers and fresh seafood – but that’s not all! Local talented artisans are getting a bit handy and creative with one of the state’s major trades. As a lobstering destination, Maine is no stranger to nautical-themed gifts, yet there is always room for more!

Here are two of my recent favorites: The Bait Bag Clutch by Alaina Marie and the Lobster Gauge Cuff by Lighthouse Studio Design. Both items were made here in Maine and beautifully crafted.

The bait bag clutch comes in a variety of sizes and colors, Alaina Marie even lets you design your own in-store by selecting from an array of colors and patterns. I chose the magenta and navy in the bigger sized clutch (13″L x 7″W). These bags are a wonderful gift and a neat way to take Maine with you wherever you go!img_0385-1img_0383-1img_0382-1

Inspiration for The Lobster Gauge Cuff originated from the actual tool used to determine if lobsters have reached a certain length and may be removed from the water:

All lobsters must be measured with a special gauge to make sure that they are “keepers.” All lobsters measuring less than the minimum legal length, or larger than the maximum legal length, must be immediately returned to the waters from which taken.

These cuffs come in different sizes and polishes, completing any outfit with the utmost style and local Maine flare.


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Equipment: iPhone 6.

Editing: iPhone stock photo application, adjusted lighting.

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