The Beach, The Wind, and a Bow-legged Bulldog

Through my volunteer work, I am connected to a variety of obscenely talented people, one of which is Joe Carpine from 365 Digital Photography. Joe is a photographer, Dad and all around great guy! I decided I wanted some new images for my trusty blog here and I knew just the person to snap the pics.

Here is a recap of our shoot and how we got some incredible photographs (over 600) in under 45 minutes:

I met up with Joe and he asked me for my vision of the shoot. We spoke for about fifteen minutes and I told him my desire for some new images to align with the feel of my blog: whimsical, romantic, beautiful, honest. We got super-nerdy talking about sun positioning and aperture and then decided to hit the beach and get started.

Weather in Scarborough, Maine called for 10-15 mph winds but sunny with a high of 60°. Mother Nature had other plans – that cruel, mischievous lady! Temps hit about 54° and the wind was intense, but I told Joe I would work with it and try my best to channel Beyonce. I quickly changed from workout clothes into my planned outfit. Brrrr! Even with ample sun, the air was still quite chilly. We pushed on!

I selected a chiffon maxi skirt for a breezy/romantic feel, which I purchased on Etsy. I had feverishly hit the mall the night before to find a long-sleeve top – I had originally planned on something sleeveless but I knew it may be colder than anticipated. I settled for a crop top from Forever 21, since the skirt was high-waisted. I chose some pearls and a big statement ring to add a bit of class and polish.

Not long into shooting, I was greeted by a delightful bow-legged bulldog who was eager to get in the shot and rub up against me. Ugh, he was adorable…I couldn’t get enough. His heavy, nasally breathing made me laugh hysterically!

We kept moving quickly (to stay warm). Joe snapped continuously and gave me direction where needed. The wind was whipping my hair in all sorts of directions and I tried to tame it with my hands the best I could. I just don’t know how Beyonce does it!

Before I knew it we had 600 or so images. As we were walking back to the parking lot, Joe skimmed through the photos – I was incredibly impressed! For cold-breezy weather and a rookie model, we rocked it. Below are a few of my favorites:
IMG_8786v3img_0004IMG_8666v3FullSizeRender (1)

What an awesome day and a beautiful set of images! I can’t thank Joe enough for his time and energy to make this happen.

Photo Credit: Joe Carpine // 365 Digital Photography


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