The Abyss We Call the Writer Submission Inbox

My inner voice says “don’t let the fear in, because it will enter – even without a warm welcome.” I have always known not to let potential rejection quell my dreams and aspirations. With great risk comes great reward… oh so true! And with that, I may have finally conjured up the confidence to submit my writing. My favorite website is currently seeking freelancers and columnists – and I think, why the heck not? Why should I let a little fear hold me back?

Dare-devil I am not, I will fully admit that. I watch idly as those I know get pierced, tattooed, and parachute from planes. What holds me back? Most likely the reality of ending up with a cracked spinal column (ouch). The risk, to me personally, isn’t worth the few soul-crushing, weightless moments of free-fall. I don’t want to be a bird that badly.

The purposeful aversion to such activities has gotten me to the ripe age of 32, relatively unscathed. My life has not been without risk, just of a different nature. I became an independent adult younger than most, I moved across the country not knowing a soul, and I took countless jobs where I had the bare minimum experience. I haven’t ever let the fear conquer within.

Yes, these women could review my submission and have a good collective laugh (“is this girl serious?”) or they could be extremely impressed with my whimsical balance of whit and candor (let’s hope it is the latter). I will never know, unless I put my work out there into the abyss we call the writer submission inbox.

Everyone these days is a blogger – even that granny down the street is hip to the beat, bloggin’ up a word storm about the latest coupons and her ten grand-kids. But there are those who write from the soul with words so true you cannot help yourself but to be immersed in their stories. I know, if given the chance, I can write about what matters.

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