My First Work-cation

A little work and a little play. A hybrid of work and vacation, the so-called “work-cation” has become en vogue for professionals everywhere.

With my recent trip to New Jersey on the horizon, I decided to take the opportunity to plan both business and leisure time back-to-back, structured to fit my professional and personal needs:

The first leg of my trip will be strictly work-related, flying from Maine to New Jersey and attending all the required meetings and dinners (yes, my finely pressed business suit will be on).

The second leg will be all about fun, jetting via the Amtrak Acela to beautiful New York City. I have plans to take in a Broadway show, eat way too much amazing food (most likely pizza) and walk ’til my feet beg for mercy.
img_0777Why pay for two flights when you don’t have to? I am fortunate to have plenty of paid time off, but for those who may not, this is the perfect solution to maximize your vacation.

I fully plan to enjoy my time in the concrete jungle and unplug. Unless there is a marketing catastrophe of epic proportions, I will be off the grid. With the blessing of my boss, I will commence this week on my first work-cation.

For more information about the elusive work-cation, you can read all the details in Erin Greenawald’s article: WTF is a Workcation? (Hint: Something You Need Now).

Has anyone ever taken one? I’d love to hear about the experience.

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