The Epiphany of Light

I sprinkled kindness wherever I went this week. I tried to do and go where my heart guided me and without hesitation. I gave to one of my favorite charities, volunteered for a local fundraising event, I bought strangers coffee at the drive-thru, and I gave a generous tip to someone in the service industry.

My heart is full, the universe has accepted my love and kindness with open arms. This made me think of my recent experience at a concert, held at a large venue holding over 17,000 fans. The country artist asked the audience to turn on their phone’s flashlight and raise it in the air. The once dark arena became lit so brightly, I looked around in awe. That moment… epiphany.

One single light could not fill the arena, but a group of people banded together, could. I think you may know where I am going with this. Collectively we can impact positively and on a larger scale. If each person shined their light, gave kindly and opened their hearts to others – strangers – then we could work to make a quantifiable difference.

Be the light and share the light with others. Kindness can impact many if we band together. That moment of light will be something I keep with me and something I hope can live on in my actions toward others.

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