New York in Words and Pictures (Part 2)

Day one in New York City was a hard act to follow, however I knew day two would be just as epic. Katie and I decided to watch the sunrise over the scenic Brooklyn Bridge. This sounded like a great idea at the time, we knew it would be a great photo opportunity and not crowded with tourists.

We went to bed rather early the night before and set our alarms for 4:30am – yes, we may be out of our pretty little minds! The sun waits for no one, folks. When the alarm rang out with a shrill pulse, I crawled from my cocoon of blankets and prepared to face the day.

Katie navigated through the subway like an expert, she meant business weaving around the gaggle of tourists. We emerged from the subway exit to be met with a dark morning sky. The temperature reached only a chilly 40° and the wind whipped sideways. Without the sun’s glorious light, the air was frigid.

We entered the Brooklyn Bridge from the Manhattan side, cars zoomed past us on both sides of the walking path. The path was split by a dramatic white line, segregating foot and bike traffic.

The sun took its sweet time breaking from its resting place and  emerging at the horizon. The bridge was magnificent, steadied with large wire cables which draped from the center’s arched infrastructure. To the right the moon was still high in the sky, watching perched above New York City skyline.

We walked toward the middle of the bridge and the air became quite windy. Katie and I were able to get a few good snaps as the sun began to rise from the eastern sky. Before long, the bridge’s wind gusts became too cold to bear. Katie and I decided to make the most of our early morning and return to Maison Kayser for some hot cappuccinos and breakfast. Yum!

Hoping to visit the Empire State Building, we arrived at 10am received by a long line of people waiting to enter the observatory. Having been to New York City numerous times, this is one item I have yet to check off the list! Realizing how long we’d have to wait, I told Katie I was okay with ducking out of the line. We headed to Rockefeller Center instead.

The center had beautiful flower gardens complete with white lilies to celebrate the Easter holiday. The crowds were enamored with the displays and the large bunny made of carnations and ivy that spun on a mechanical platform. Oh New York, you diva!

After putting some serious pedestrian mileage on our shoes, we headed back to home base to rest up in advance of the Broadway show we were planning to see: Finding Neverland. Katie and I took a well-deserved respite, then got ready for dinner and the show.

img_1077img_1079 Processed with VSCO with f1 preset


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