Be What is Beautiful to You

See the beauty in everything, every little darn thing. Stop comparing, stop judging and see what is good. Put on those rose-colored glasses and never take them off – ah, such a wonderful idiom! If we had no awareness of what society deemed beautiful, would we still be so critical of ourselves?

For women, long legs are glorified beyond every sense of reason, beauty is constrained to long flowing hair, lashes which reach for the sky, tiny waists and thighs which don’t touch. But is that truly happiness? Will a new/straighter nose or breast augmentation make you happier on the inside? No, it certainly won’t.

Love your flaws and be happy with yourself, above all else. I am sometimes guilty of self-deprecation, I cannot even bear my face sometimes. My nose is too pointy! My legs are too short! Then I come back to reality and realize beauty isn’t just a nose or stature, it is the light shining from the inside – the way I treat people, the way I smile, my genuine and giving nature. Maybe one day society will glorify what actually matters.

If you think about it, you are born with a certain face and features. Those things cannot be changed (unless with surgery). For your personality, tact, grace and love towards others, these are developed over time. Learned and gained. Becoming a wonderful person isn’t with you since birth, it is due to growth, personal experiences and it is taught. These internal attributes are harder to attain than any bodily alteration.

The quest for beauty and perfection can pluck the joy right from the palm of your hand. Comparison is also a stealer of joy. Don’t let society tell you what is beautiful, be what is beautiful to you.

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