To Be Deserving

When you wait long enough for the right person, and I do mean long enough (cough 32, cough, cough), everyone is really rooting for you. There isn’t a day goes by where I don’t hear ‘you deserve it’ in regards to my relationship and finding the right guy.

I have been to hell and back, even giving up on the dating game for a long while. I was honestly happier alone, and the fact is, I really didn’t need anyone. I wanted to share my life with someone, yet I didn’t need them to complete my life. I was fully at peace emotionally – and happy!

I am a believer in God and in His design of my life to be great. He has blessed me in a multitude of ways, and this was the one final piece missing. I think God tested me and tested me, to make sure I was strong and loving enough for the man He would put before me in the end. When the search was over, I had to be ready. Ready to appreciate and nurture the wonderful person he had waiting.

God bestowed upon me the greatest of humans. Perfectly imperfect, yet perfect for me. It is exactly like they say, when you find the right person, the relationship won’t seem hard. We’ve all been in those relationships where it feels like work and you have to constantly convince yourself to stay. If it feels that way, it isn’t right, bottom line.

Because of my past relationships and being cheated on ten ways to Sunday, I needed someone who, above all else, would be faithful (mind, body and soul). God granted me someone who knew the importance of monogamy and whose heart was fully ready to accept love. After a long and grueling wait, I finally found the game changer.

So when I am told ‘you deserve it,’ I honestly believe I do.

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