5 Sneaky Ways I Avoid Getting Sick

I used to get sick all the dang time, especially after traveling. I implemented a few key tactics to avoid the dreaded cold and haven’t been sick in over two years! Here are my sneaky secrets:

1. When I fly, I always bring antibacterial wipes. Before I even sit, or touch anything, I thoroughly wipe down the area. Yup, tray table, arm rests, seat, seat-belt, even that tiny button for the reading light. You will most certainly look like a germophobe, but it is all worth it when you don’t get sick post-flight. After watching a documentary on plane crews, my eyes were opened. In the film, the team had about 7 minutes between flights to tidy up. Cleaning consisted of removing trash from the seats and then wiping down the lavatory, that was it!

2. I limit the use of hand sanitizers. A small amount is good in a pinch. If used too much, it can remove the good germs your body uses to defend against sickness. I prefer to actually wash my hands and give them a good scrub if they are dirty.

3. Each week, I wipe down the things I use most often: my cell phone, keyboard, laptop, headset, etc. This helps to prevent against bacteria spreading and gives me piece of mind to know grime isn’t building up on the things I touch most!

4. I typically don’t touch door handles. I know this sounds crazy, but it works. I use my foot to pop it ajar, then my forearm and/or shoulder to fully open it. If it is a pull door, I usually have to bite the bullet, but there are so many automatic doors these days. I also don’t argue when a kind gentleman offers to hold the door!

5. If I feel run down, or even slightly on the verge of sickness, I take it easy. Yup, I cancel plans and just lounge in my jammies. Going full tilt can be great, but it can also make a person more susceptible to sickness. Sleep and H2O are they key!

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