Life Lessons: My Internal Compass

Trusting your inner voice. It screams to you, and begs you to heed its warning. But do you? Intuition is a sense, a suspicion, a feeling. Not quite defined. Can you trust it? I say absolutely.

I once dated a man – an egotist, a cheater, a liar – every single moment I spent with him, my inner voice screamed at me: “why are you staying?” I wasn’t afraid to be alone, but I was ashamed to give up. That voice begs for you to listen, commands your mind to do what your heart might not be ready to.

This prior relationship was a nightmare. A poison. How was it I, a brave woman, who survived so many hardships, was unable to break away from the one person who was so catastrophically wrong for me? The fear of settling should absolutely overshadow the fear of staying in a relationship that isn’t right.

One of the greatest things I have learned from my 32 years on planet Earth is to trust my instincts. This can come in many forms and feelings, yet it will always make its presence known and felt. With that said, instincts can work both ways, affirming a relationship or decision that is 100% right.

When I met my current boyfriend, my instincts said, “yes, this is it!” I did not have that sneaky voice creating doubts or worries, because it was right.

Has anyone ever had their inner voice affirm or caution a decision? I’d love to hear about it!

5 thoughts on “Life Lessons: My Internal Compass

  1. Imperfect Friend says:

    It does, constantly. Sure, there are dilemmas in life when I can’t find my instinct, but more often than not, I do have that inner voice that tells me what to do. I think to some extend, everyone has that inner voice. Some of us are too stressed out to hear or even give a thought to what our inner voice is saying. But, like you said, people would be surprised how often their instinct is right.

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