My Top 3 Spots in Acadia, The Beautiful

This weekend, I made my second trek to Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine. My first trip was last year, my friend Beth and I hiked the South Ridge Trail up to Cadillac Mountain. The hike was awesome, and the summit was epic. There is a distinct reason travelers have a love affair with Bar Harbor/Acadia – it is stunning!


Photographing beautiful Jordan Pond

This Saturday, Beth and I returned to Acadia and attended a Worldwide Insta-Meet. The Insta-Meet brings Instagram users together at a certain location – yes, camera nerds unite! This specific meet up was in Acadia, providing a bevy of options for those who love to photograph and enjoy nature.Though not an Acadia veteran, I would like to share a few of my favorite spots from my recent visits:

Sand Beach: We stumbled upon this beautiful spot by accident. Cruising Park Loop Road, I saw the yellow sand and rolling cliffs and knew this was a must-see. I quickly turned out and Beth and I walked back to discover the beach. The sand was crushed shells, rich yellow in color. I even found some cool sea glass! The water was so clear and the loveliest shade of green. Sand Beach took my breath away, I highly recommend it.

Jordan Pond: Since April is still out of the normal season, the park was quiet. Jordan Pond House was currently closed, however I have heard great things about the restaurant. The actual pond is lovely, nestled between a host of large looming mountains. The pond was crystal clear, I learned from the literature the water is utilized by the surrounding areas and is so clear, you can see down 45 feet. The trails around the pond’s perimeter are very well-kept, using wooden boards to raise hikers above the wetland.

Cadillac Mountain Summit: No words can even do this summit justice! Hikers and drivers alike can enjoy glorious views from the top, since there is a paved access road. Sunsets here are a must – get that camera and tri-pod ready. My favorite part of Acadia is Cadillac’s summit, definitely worth the hike!

For those who enjoy photography, please see my recent post Acadia For a Day: My Favorite Snapshots.

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