My Two Cents on Pop Culture’s Latest Obsession

This week, there have been a swarm of rumors regarding a very high-powered celebrity couple and the assumed infidelity on the side of the man. Said infidelity was revealed cryptically through a song’s lyrics (written by the woman). This type of infidelity, famous or non-famous, happens all too often in my humble opinion.

In the lyrics, the woman gives a special and somewhat racially-charged name to the “other woman.” The internet went nuts. The part I find interesting about this situation, is the hater-aid thrown in the direction of the mythical woman. Speculations where being made as to who she was, and social media users were frantically looking for someone to blame. How about the man?! I mean really! Perhaps the man who took the marital vow to be faithful, and wasn’t? Just a thought.

I know this happens in non-famous situations as well. The man cheats on a woman, and the woman gets rip-roaring mad… at the other woman. But why just her? Why not the man? He was the person in the relationship who chose to be unfaithful. Why is he exempt from anger? Why is the woman the direct target for disdain?

I think my biggest qualm, is accepting the behavior of infidelity. Forgiving is an important part of life and happiness. With that said, you can forgive and move on, yet not accept that type of behavior in your life or marriage. Bottom line, you deserve better!

3 thoughts on “My Two Cents on Pop Culture’s Latest Obsession

  1. bighousemainewoods says:

    I appreciate your insight into this situation. Women do not foster trust between one another the way men do. When a man cheats two things happen. The woman he is cheating against gets angry and jealous at the “other”woman while the “other” woman blames the woman for keeping the cheater happy.
    Neither woman sees the flaws of the cheater because of their heightened emotional and hormonal responses. When women learn to band together to see the cheater–and by the way–they are all the same– for who he REALLY is: a lowlife, egomaniac with low self-esteem and no self-respect let alone any respect for women in general. they will finally begin to develop self-respect. It begins there.

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