When The Man of Your Dreams is Becoming a Doctor

Becoming a doctor is hard. Extremely hard. And expensive. I saw the words ‘medical student’ on his online dating profile and I thought to myself how interesting. Yes, I met the love of my life online. He chose e-Harmony because he liked that the creators used science related algorithms and psychology to match up users – take that Tinder! I was on the verge of giving up hope. I didn’t want to try the usual online dating suspects, which when previously attempted, felt like I was the only dear for miles during hunting season (read: overwhelming).

I was drawn to Matt right away – sweet, funny, loyal, clever, smart, charming, handsome, kind, thoughtful… well, you get the idea. Just like they say, when you meet The One, you can’t see anyone else. As we dated and got to know each other, Matt was very open about his long road to becoming a doctor. His father, who was a pediatrician (now retired), passed along many genetics gifts including an incredible mind. Matt chose to follow in his father’s footsteps, yet the path today is much different and much harder.

As Matt and I dated, we talked about all the steps which would need to happen to get his MD. Let me tell you, I honestly have no idea how anyone becomes a doctor. It takes forever, costs a fortune and requires immense mental and physical stamina. Tests and more tests, clinical rotations, hours of studying, moving here and there, pressure of The Match, residency… the list goes on and on. The process is stressful and in some instances, quite archaic and inefficient.

I knew this wouldn’t be the typical relationship but like anything in my life, I approached it rationally with a positive attitude. As a girlfriend, I am extremely proud of the path Matt has taken. So, so proud. My saving grace now and going forward will be my understanding nature and my independence.

Right now, our relationship will be largely about sacrifice, on both our parts. It will mean him working 16 hour days and our “date nights” consisting of the words “hey babe, I am going to sleep” and then be over. It will mean being without my amazing boyfriend and a lot of alone time. I know it won’t be forever, hard work will pay off in the end. My role is to be loving, supportive and understanding.

I found the man of my dreams and the challenging times are always worth it for the right person. And to me, that person is Matt.

4 thoughts on “When The Man of Your Dreams is Becoming a Doctor

  1. bighousemainewoods says:

    There are so many cliche’s and so little time that come to mind when I read this entry. In “real time” though of the life you are living you I think you have the courage of your convictions to be all in with Matt’s goals while keeping a very close connection to your own. Independence is a good thing when a woman can know without question that her own life, job, goals, and hobbies are a more than just a way to pass time while you wait for him. Your career, talents, and extracurricular activities speak volumes to a man who also has goals and ambitions. It is not about the need to cling to one another in order to feel whole and alive.

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