How You Know Your Life is in Chaos…

Life got crazy on me. I know this because my Mom offered to grocery shop for me (my fridge has been empty for weeks). My boyfriend suggested he take my car and clean it because it was a disaster area. I wrote a check and forgot to sign it (ugh, millennials). The list goes on. I have managed to shower daily, which is a plus.

My life is usually something out of a scene of Pleasantville, but not lately. With work, school, friends, family, and blogging, I am so incredibly busy. But these days, who isn’t? I have decided to take a day to center my chi. Just do nothing and reset. My problem lately is packing my weekends to the brim. I haven’t said “no” to anything. It’s been “yes,” because honestly who doesn’t want to have fun?

Sometimes you need to recharge and that means saying “no.” I hate having to decline something fun, but I gotta do it for my own sanity! So this Saturday will be my day of respite. To sleep in, eat pancakes, lounge… maybe even read something that isn’t a managerial accounting textbook.

I am usually the have-it-all-together girl, yet I am okay with not everything being perfect tied up with a pretty little bow. This havoc means I am living a full and busy life. I am lucky to have people who care about me and want to spend time with me. I am fortunate to be able to work towards obtaining my degree. And lastly, I am blessed to have a job when so many people today are struggling. So chaos, maybe. Happy, yes!

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