The 4 Reasons I Don’t Drink Alcohol

When I tell people I don’t drink, I receive quite a few blank stares and shocked expressions. Yes, our culture today is very pro-alcohol with happy hours, mimosas at brunch, wine nights, and beer at every sporting event known to man. I usually get the question “why?” Well, let me tell ya!


These are the 4 main reasons (pertaining to me personally) why I don’t drink:

  1. It doesn’t taste good to me! Just like the character from Can’t Hardly Wait, I always want to scream “nobody drink the beer, the beer has gone bad!” I don’t like the taste. Bottom line.
  2. I prefer to eat my calories. I love food and sweets. In order to stay a delightful size 2, I need to watch my figure (to an extent). According to the Calorie King Website, there are 213 calories in just one cosmopolitan, which is only liquid. I would honestly rather have a 3 Musketeers bar, it tastes better and provides me a lot more joy – LOL!
  3. I like to be in control. Even just one drink can severely impair your thinking and judgement. I prefer to be in control of myself at all times. Unfortunately, a lot of crimes happen to women when they are drinking – an example of this would be Amy St. Laurent’s story. Amy was a local Maine woman who went missing from Portland’s Old Port.
  4. It is wildly expensive. Just one drink can run you between $8-$15 dollars. I’d rather save to buy a new outfit, camera equipment or shoes!

So there you have it! But just let me confirm (before anyone starts sharpening their pitchforks), I am not judgmental in any way for those who enjoy an adult beverage. Heck, I am even a professional designated driver for those who need it. I am also more than happy to go have a mocktail on special occasions or to go out and be social with friends!

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