On My Own Darn Timeline

Married by 24, baby number one by 25, baby number two by 27…well at 32, those time tables have come and gone for this girl! Society has a sneaky way of pressuring even the most rational of people to do things they may not be ready for. Not this time, society, not this time! I have made my own darn timeline and I am perfectly okay with it.

Being married at the ripe age of 24 was not nearly as important to me as finding someone who would love, cherish and be faithful, for as long as we both shall live. Being a child from a divorced family made me all the more selective to find an amazing man who would be there in sickness, in health, good days, bad days, and all the craziness in between.

For a long time, I didn’t want children. I will be honest. I love babies, I mean baby hog to the maximum degree, right here. However, I never felt the maternal longing in my earlier years. I also never dated someone who was excited about children or wanted them. Without sounding like a complete broken record, I will admit that once you find the right one, the game indeed changes.

At 32, with the most perfect man at my side, I still do not feel pressured to have a certain timeline on when. Am I excited at the thought or marriage, kids, and life as more than a single lady? Of course, however I am not consumed with making it happen so quickly, it isn’t right. I know a lot of relationships which have sadly ended because a woman was in a rush to the alter. I promised myself I would never become so set on the ring, I forget what it symbolizes: love forever.

Thus, I have thrown the conventional timing out the window! I took my own sweet time and got it right. Pressures of society have no place in my heart and I refuse to let them live there. I’m doing my own thing, on my own time, but with lots of positivity and hope.

To read about a similar journey in regard to my education, please venture on to my earlier post: No Degree at Thirty-Two.

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