The Story of How I Poached my BFF

She gets me. We share the same values and interests. She is kind, generous, and thoughtful. She is the sister I never had. My #1 supporter. An advocate and trusted confidant. My partner in crime and in brunch-ing. The person whom I can communicate with purely in emojis, and yet still cracks me up. The woman who is way behind in her movie fluency (c’mon who hasn’t seen Purple Rain?!). A happy soul, a dog-lover, a professional beachcomber, my travel buddy. Someone who is always up for an adventure. A positive and well-spoken woman. A hard worker and a sculptor of young minds. My personal grammar consultant. Always on time and is where she says she will be – integrity. She is trustworthy, smart, sweet, and knows the true meaning of friendship. My Biffle.


Yup, I poached my best friend. And no, I am not even one bit sorry (aka “sorry sot sorry” to quote today’s trendsters). I met a friend for ice-cream and coincidentally, Beth was with said friend… they had been in the area and by happenstance, we all ended up together. I had my dog with me at the time and I introduced her to Beth and she mentioned she had a dog too. Actually, the more we spoke, the more I noticed we had similar interests. I stayed briefly but then headed on my way.

As things go these days,  we found each other on Facebook and Instagram. Time passed and posts went up, I realized Beth and I had more in common than I did with our mutual friend (oops). After much hesitation, I decided to see if she wanted to grab dinner… the new friend first date, as it were. To my surprise, she was all for it. We met up for some dinner at a yummy local spot and chatted up a storm. We truly did have a lot in common: we love to hike, brunch, read, travel and we are both in school and desperately love our fur-babies. The list went on.


After some very sobering and harsh lessons from a few prior “friends,” I was hesitant to trust someone new. I am not about fair-weather friends. I am about true friends, who know the importance of honesty, trust, and integrity. I was also looking for someone who could address friendship issues head on through discussion. Because honestly, any relationship will have good times and bad… you need to be able to handle both!

Beth was, and still is, a fantastic friend. The more time I spend with her, the more I realized how lucky I am. Friendships with other women can be complicated and some can suck you into unnecessary conflicts, also affectionately known as drama. She was just as eager as I was to enter into a friendship where that type of behavior wasn’t an option.

So yes, I poached my best friend. In fact, I am no longer acquainted with the person who introduced us. I am a firm believer in God, He brings us who we need and at the perfect moment. Sometimes the wrong people are removed from our lives to make way for the great people. Beth restored my faith in friendships and in people.

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