Taking the Wheel: Making My Dream Wedding Happen

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know I met the love of my life in April of 2015. Matt was the missing piece to my puzzle (cliché, I know). When he asked me to marry him, I was 110% certain of my answer. I don’t take marriage lightly, coming from a divorced family, hence why I waited much longer than the normal person to wed in holy matrimony (ahem, 32, ahem).

Due to our upcoming relocation for Matt’s clinical rotations in Augusta, Georgia, we decided to get married before we left. This meant planning a wedding in as little as two weeks (cue heart failure). I always wanted something super small, or even to elope, the idea of a massive wedding was NOT for me. So small it was!

Matt’s required rotations for med school would have us leaving Maine on Sunday, June 5th. The next break he would have for a wedding, would be in two years. We talked about a small intimate beach wedding before we were to move, and it was settled. Yes, it would be quick, however we knew it was important to have our close family and friends there to support us. This meant getting married in Maine the first week of June.

Most of our friends and family where surprised, however most were extremely supportive and elated. Of course, there was the opposite too, one of my family members so nicely reminded me of the rate of  divorce in the US (50%). I wouldn’t let doubtful or negative comments into my emotional stratosphere, opinions don’t affect me when I know in my heart the decision is right.

It is true, when you get married, everyone wants to give their opinions and critiques. Due to the small nature of the wedding, I decided I was going to handle planning the ceremony myself. With the full blessing from my fiancé, I got going. As I know from working in the corporate world, too many “hands in the pie” can make things unnecessarily stressful. Since I was funding the ceremony myself, I was ready to do it my way. Jesus, take the wheel!

With blessings and support from a plethora of incredible people, we made it happen and it was executed with perfection. Besides one disappointing bouquet, everything went according to plan. Want to know how I planned a wedding ceremony for 30 people in just two weeks? Stay tuned!

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