The Gift: Part Two

As you may remember in February, I wrote a blog post about a gift I received from my boyfriend Matt: The Gift: Part One. The gift was a bit weird, and I had no idea what it was or what I was supposed to do with it?! On May 14, 2016 I found exactly what that brown wooden structure was for.


It was a normal Saturday, my best friend Beth and I had made plans to go shopping in Freeport, Maine – one of our favorite spots. My boyfriend Matt had gone to Connecticut and was headed back to Maine that morning, he texted me and asked if we could hang out later. I said I had a girl’s night planned with Beth, but depending on timing, I may be able to squeeze him in.

Beth met me at my apartment and we headed off to Freeport. We ate a lovely lunch at the Azure Cafe, sitting outside on their patio. We talked about all different things, including my upcoming move with Matt for his clinical rotations. I also mentioned his Dad had sent me a cute email stating that if Matt didn’t propose soon, the family would disown him!

After lunch, we hit some stores. The plan was to have a movie night after shopping, Beth had never seen Purple Rain and with the recent passing of Prince, I thought I should educate her on this great flick. I then got a text from Matt saying he had left me something “time sensitive” at my apartment on his way back from Connecticut. I thought nothing of it, since Matt will typically surprise me with things out of the blue.

I told Beth I had to scoot home and cut our shopping trip short. I could only imagine what this “time sensitive” item was – a coffee? an ice cream? Beth conjured up the notion it must be a puppy. Oh boy!

We headed back to my apartment and went upstairs. Everything was moved – I had started packing for our relocation to Georgia and the place had been a real mess. I noticed a small camera facing the end of my bed. There sat a large wooden box, with a chain around it and a single rose. In The Gift: Part One, Matt had given me a random key – I thought this was finally my chance to use it. I retrieved it from my jewelry box.


I looked at Beth and she gave me a quick smile. I had no idea what was going on, utterly aloof. Once the huge padlock was opened, inside the box sat three dozen long-stemmed pink roses (my favorite). Also, inside was every single love note, card, memento from our year of dating. I grabbed all the cards and started reading them – I quickly realize I had not taken a photo! Ugh. Beth helped me put everything back and I got a quick snap.


It still had not hit me at this moment this was a proposal. Matt does stuff like this for me all-the-time. So I was considering this as just another one of those sweet things! Once I took out all the cards, there was a wooden box with glass windows. It was filled with thousands of little beads. I was puzzled. Beth informed me this piece would go on top of the piece he gave me a Christmas-time. She helped me lift the box and place it on the other wooden unit on my floor.


Once the two pieces connected, all the beads started draining out! The sound was like fierce rain, as they hit the floor. I watched in awe. I realized there were hidden cameras all over my apartment, recording the entire event. The beads finally drained to reveal a red velvet pouch. I slowly opened the pouch and inside was what looked to be a wooden puzzle, straight out of The Da Vinci Code!


I looked at Beth, almost as if for direction. I saw that I needed to put in a certain code, which I immediately knew was the day we had out first date: 04 24 2015. Once the code was entered, a round cylinder piece came out – inside was a tiny pouch. I felt my hands get very shaky. This was it! Inside was a beautiful engagement ring. I just started sobbing – like Kim Kardashian ugly crying.


Beth was smiling and I looked around, “where is he?” I sobbed, “why isn’t he here?!

Calmly, she replied, “he’s right here…

Matt appeared, holding a pink rose, dressed in a full suit and tie. I sobbed harder, still clutching the ring. I held it out for him and cried, “you… need to…ask!


He smiled and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said “yes,” the tears of sheer happiness continued.

Matt had the entire event recorded via six GoPro cameras and is working to have a full video made of the proposal. That day, he made me the happiest girl on the planet and I was so elated to be engaged to the man of my dreams. And special thanks to my best friend Beth, who despite my desperate begging, didn’t spoil the engagement surprise.

I’d love to hear your engagement story, please share your post or comment below!

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