Planning a Wedding in Two Weeks: Part One

Quite the challenge – even for a taskmaster like myself. As noted in my previous post, my fiancé and I decided to tie the knot before we relocated to Georgia. This was to include family and friends who, for the most part, live close to Maine. Also, our next bout of free time would be in about two years – and this girl’s ovaries aren’t getting any younger!

We decided on small, very intimate ceremony. This meant parents, siblings and a few close friends. Matt is the youngest of nine, so immediately the guest list was teetering around 30. The first task was to pick a location, I decided on Pine Point Beach in Scarborough, Maine. This was a gamble in June, you never know which way Mother Nature will turn. I researched online and discovered I needed to complete a form, pay a fee and we would get a permit for the wedding.

Thankfully the beach was not yet reserved for that day and time, so we were set! Pine Point did have a lot of rules we had to follow. Considering it is a public beach, it was intense how many stipulations there were – no tents, no arbors, no “paraphernalia,” etc. I decided to keep things simple and not over-engineer the space. Matt and I had one of our first dates there with our pups, so it had special meaning and I loved that.

I selected the ceremony location at the far end of the beach, to ensure proper privacy from beachgoers. It was also close to a stunning rock jetty and dunes which would be a perfect backdrop! We communicated with our guests via email, letting them know when and where to arrive. I even included a google map snapshots so no one would get lost!

Pine Point Beach Wedding Parking and Wedding Location [Detail]

The one item I really wanted at the location was chairs. Beautiful white wooden chairs! Honestly, this was my biggest expense. I called One Stop Event Rentals and asked if they could squeeze in a delivery and they were happy to oblige! They said there were not able to set them up, even if paid, which was a bummer.

I also found an amazingly talented photographer on the fly. I was in a pinch since my usual go-to said she no longer shoots weddings. I had seen Emily Maccabe’s work on Instagram and knew of her through my time volunteering with Special Olympics. I decided to email her and see if she was free that day. She responded promptly and said she would be happy to photograph the big day! Due to her stunning work, I am dedicating an entire future post to Emily’s photographs of the wedding – so stay tuned. If you are in Maine, you need to look her up!

Tomorrow, I will share how all the tiny details came together – the dress, the flowers and much more!

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