Planning a Wedding in Two Weeks: Part Two

I had the location set and the guest list finalized, I was ready for the precious little details. Flowers were first, I walked into a local shop and told the florist I needed the bouquet created in one week. She gave me a nervous laugh and then realized I was serious. I showed her a picture of what I had in mind. Ironically, her name was Poppy, and she said she could fit me in!

When I went to pick up my flowers the day before, I was in a hurry. Poppy showed me the flowers and I quickly paid and left. Once I actually looked at the flowers, they were all wrong and nothing like the picture I showed her. More on this small SNAFU later!

For my dress, I had always had my eye on Lurelly which is a retailer based in California. She makes such stunning dresses and for reasonable prices. I had to have the dress expedited, which arrived in about a week. It had beautiful beading at the bust and flowy white chiffon material. Realizing it was way too long, even for me at 5’6″ I had to have it hemmed on the fly. My now mother-in-law knew a local woman who was able to do it in a day! Since I would be barefoot, I wanted the dress to just barely skim my feet. The alterations came out perfectly and the dress fit great otherwise.

I called a few places for hair and makeup and they were charging astronomical prices. Somewhat confident in my own skills, I decided to skimp on the primping. My hair is quite unruly, and since we have been together 32 years, I tend to have a good handle on things. I decided on beach waves, half pulled back with a flower. I knew the beach would be windy, but I am not an updo person (I tend to look like a boy), so I went with what I wanted.

My now sister-in-law is super crafty. She kindly offered to make signs for the wedding out of reclaimed wood. The signs were one of my favorite mementos from the wedding, sadly I didn’t haul them to GA!

To keep myself organized, I made lists of everything I would need. As the day got closer, I made a checklist of when things would need to be done and on what day. For example, the day before I had to pick up my bouquet, and the day of, the chairs would be delivered. I kept things small and simple!

Because the beach location was quite far from my apartment, I found a small cottage on Pine Point that would rent to me for just a few days. It was so cute and well-appointed. This had been the landing pad for all operations related to the wedding. My girlfriends and I stayed there the night before and had a fun dinner out in Scarborough.

During this girl’s night, I finally got to take a closer look at my flowers. Unfortunately, they weren’t quite right. I had wanted big full bright roses and the florist gave me tiny tea roses. My one “bride-zilla” moment – but from what I hear, I remained rather calm.

My super sweet girlfriends decided we should try and re-work the bouquet into what I wanted. However, none of us had any skill with flowers. That did not stop us! The night before the wedding, my girls and I headed to the supermarket for flowers for my bouquet. The original had some flowers I could still use, like the peonies. Thank the Lord up high, Hannaford (a grocery store) down the street was open. Luckily, they had huge magenta roses for sale.

Once back at the cottage, we proceeded to watch YouTube ‘How To’ videos on creating a bouquet. Before we knew it we had pulled the entire thing apart and started from scratch! My friend Sarah kept saying how she couldn’t’ believe we were doing this – it was a riot and one of my fondest memories! All in all the bouquet turned our just how I wanted it, thanks to my friends on the eve of my wedding.

More tomorrow on the crazy weather, booking a violinist, and getting everything set up!

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