Georgia So Far: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

After getting married, my husband and I moved to Georgia for his clinical rotations – these are required before one becomes an MD. Off we went! The drive took three days, we stopped for the night in both Connecticut and West Virginia. The trek was a long one, and once we got here it was a big sigh of relief. As of today, Matt and I have been in Georgia ten days. Of course there have been awesome things, crazy things, and not-so-nice things. I am going to share them all!


The people here in the south are lovely, respectful, with great manners and tact. Just a bucket full of class here and southern hospitality is really a thing! For the most part, everyone we have met here has been supremely kind and sweet. I have even broken out the ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am’ to stay respectful to the local folk.

Food has been great. Matt and I had a date night, I looked up some contenders on Yelp!. We landed on FarmHaus Burger in downtown Augusta. This burger joint was perfect! You are able to make your own custom burger to order with plenty of fixings… so delicious. I also got an Oreo shake, which was divine.

The bark park! We found a local park which has a special section for dogs – we take the pups here nightly. The park is well cared for, has agility type structures, fresh water and ample shade. Everyone at the park has been friendly and welcoming to the Carpenter clan.

I found a fantastic coffee spot, where I sit here now typing. The little bodega has a quaint and well-appointed seating area and fountain. The lattes here are delicious too, and the staff is so friendly. Everyone needs their own java hot spot!


Hotter than a frying pan! June temps here during the summer are around 101°… which is surface of the sun, HOT. Matt and I joke all the time, we don’t know how anyone here wears pants?! The thought of putting on skin tight jeans is just non-existent right now. I can’t even…. I have been living in shorts and maxi dresses. Pants are the enemy!


The realty offices down here we’ve interacted with, are horrible! We have had really bad luck with our housing – realtors claiming the unit is “spotless” and “move-in ready” and when I arrive, they are damaged, smelling of mold, falling down, dirty, dusty and filled with holes! I recently went to look at a house, the photos online showed a charming little two bedroom cottage in a delightful neighborhood. I got there and the realtor told me it was a hoarder house and they were working to fix it up – they would need a bulldozer! Oy.

All in all, the move has been great. Missing friends and family, but making sure to stay in touch with everyone via email, text, FaceTime and phone calls! Hopefully soon I can venture to the surrounding areas like Aiken and Savannah and blog more about the south for ya’all!

3 thoughts on “Georgia So Far: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

  1. Karem says:

    Hi Rhiannon! Congrats on your wedding! It looks amazingly beautiful! I stumbled iupon your blog thru Instagram. I love it! Your move to GA reminds me so much of Lauren & Casey’s. They felt the same as you do with the good, bad & ugly. The heat is stupendous. They move there in the month of April and were warned about the heat in August but loved it in January!! Good luck and many happy returns!

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