When You Can’t Photograph Your Own Wedding…

Because logistically, I couldn’t photograph my own wedding (hehe), I had to find someone amazing who would do an incredible job. I found Emily Maccabe through Special Olympics – she had attended many events with her husband and I had seen her photography through Instagram. In addition, her recent work with another couple at their wedding and engagement session was breathtaking – my sights were set!

Since our wedding was on the fly, I had to accept the fact she may not be available on a Friday in June – two weeks from the date. Thank the Lord up high, she was free! I emailed her and she was quick to respond with a “yes.” Tears of joy!

Em was awesome, a great communicator and super-talented. I know talented and creative people don’t need much direction, so on the big day I just let her do her thing. It wasn’t over-engineered or contrived, it was natural. Matt and I are super goofy, she was able to roll with it.

On the wedding day, she showed up early to get a lay of the land. My friends and I were at a rented beach cottage and she met us there. She was super sweet and down to Earth. I think if you aren’t comfortable with your photographer it definitely shows in the photos. Emily made sure to get every detail – from the dress, to rings, to chair decorations – everything!

Having a photographer shoot your wedding requires a lot of trust. This is one of the few days you will want to remember forever – and most often only happens once! You need to trust the photographer that they will get the moments you want to remember for a lifetime. Emily did that and more. The feel of the photos definitely complimented our beach wedding – the day was overcast and windy – but Emily was able to get beautifully sharp photos with an elegant mist in the distance.

Here are some of my ultimate favorites from the big day:


For more details on Emily and her work, please visit her website at Emily Maccabe Photography!

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