A Glimpse Into Savannah’s Charm

Savannah is darling, truly one of the sparkling gems of the south! The city is welcoming and quite charming on many accords. For my two-day, one night getaway, I selected the historic Gastonian Bed and Breakfast, which sits on picturesque Gaston Street closest to Forsyth Park. Gaston Street was out of a movie, the long, car-lined roads, full of tall trees perfectly coated with Spanish moss swaying lightly in the breeze. Large steep concrete steps led me to the front entrance, where I was greeted by a friendly gentleman offering me some ice water. Yes, please.

 My suite was just as charming, affixed with a chandelier of crystal, balcony, floor to ceiling windows, and a bed fit for a king. The historic building was lovely, and didn’t pretend to be new, like many accommodations these days. It was as southern as southern could be, and it was perfect. I was offered a full breakfast in the morning, the chef’s special, delivered to my room. Yes, please.

After my breezy check-in, I was quick to pack up my DSLR and head out to wander. I made my first stop at Forsyth Park which was only a few short steps from the B&B. The park was packed with people, I spotted a cute couple who had erected a hammock and were swaying in the warm day’s air. I ended up at the large fountain, which sprouted water from cherub’s and fish’s mouths. Large live oak trees and flowers lined the paths. Oh Savannah, you pretty thing!

I had a sense all the fun stuff was due south. After fifteen minutes of walking, I realized it was actually due north. Woops! I headed towards West Broughton Street to exercise my recently unused shopping skills. Broughton was packed with both well-known stores and  little boutiques. I picked up a few summer pieces and then proceeded to window shop. This took me a good part of the day… the row of shops wouldn’t end!

I stopped at a coffee shop and had to cool off. Temps were hovering around 94° and I was lugging a backpack, and traveling on foot. After some water and an iced vanilla latte, I was back on my way. It was time to search for a dinner spot – I was so tied up with shopping, I forgot to eat lunch!

I used Yelp! to direct me to The Collins Quarter. I sat at the bar and enjoyed a tall glass of ice water and some yummy fish tacos. They were divine! At this time, it was 7:30pm and I headed back to The Gastonian. I wanted to get into bed early, as I had planned to rise early for my next day of adventures!

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