My Second Day in Savannah

I was served a yummy breakfast in my room – Eggs Benedict never disappoints! Getting ready in the south consists of a cold shower, throwing your hair in a bun and then a thin layer of BB cream… anything else will melt off with the heat!

First on my list was The Warmsloe Historic Site:


Photographs do not even do this entrance justice! Wormsloe Plantation boasts the world’s longest live oak drive, which spans almost 300 yards. The oaks go on forever, covered with green Spanish moss dripping delicately from the branches. I was able to venture around the grounds and learn a bit about the history of the plantation and the family that resided there. This location is a must for history buffs and for those who love a long scenic roadway (yes, I did have to wait ages and ages for a clear shot with no cars, this place was like Disney World).

IMG_2526.JPGNow it was time to hit the town! I rented a bike from Savannah on Wheels, it was delivered to my specified location at the agreed upon time. The owner gave me a run down of where to ride and the streets to avoid (they get busy and hectic). I opted to ride only for a few hours, but it was a great way to get around and see the city. I cruised the perimeter of Forsyth Park, W. Jones Street, Gaston Street, then I headed up to the waterfront via the quiet side streets and town squares.


The day was quite hot and the city was bustling! I locked up my wheels and headed down to the waterfront. River Street was quiet as it was still morning – I browsed in some little shops and enjoyed watching the river flow speedily past.

IMG_2506.JPGRemembering Leopold’s Ice Cream, I headed east. It was not even lunch time, I figured the line wouldn’t be too bad for a morning ice cream. The line took about fifteen minutes, which is quite quick from what I have heard.When I finally got to the front of the line, I was so excited. I decided on coffee and mocha chocolate chip in a dish… the hype is real, people…the ice cream was quite delicious!

savannah.pngAfter riding for another few hours and seeing the city, I was dog tired. The boiling southern summer air was too much for this girl. I contemplated Tybee Island, but decided it would be best to come back with a friend and stay a few nights – it would be the perfect place to explore next time.

Savannah truly has my heart. She is the sweetest place with the kindest people! I hope to return soon and see more of this gem, definitely worth a return trip.

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