Things to Remember When Binge-Watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix

Coming out of my show-hole, I thought I would write about my recent “Netflix and chill” with season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy and some things to remember when watching the show.


It isn’t real, it isn’t real…. it isn’t real! How many times have I watched that darn show and been brought to tears. Getting invested in the characters means the writers/actors are doing one heck of a job, but these aren’t real people…stay grounded, friends.

The phrase “get out of my O.R.” will be permanently tattooed on your brain. I think I could deliver the line quite effectively if need be… that is, if in my next life I am a cardiothoracic surgeon. Hmmmm, plausible.

It might be good to keep Google open so you can figure out what the heck a intracranial hematoma actually is? Inquiring minds want to know!

Next season won’t be coming for quite a while… so pace yourself!

No one in their right mind would survive the amount of strife, turmoil and near-death experiences as Meredith Grey, unless you count Job from The Bible. Yikes.

Hospitals can be quite the drama pit, however, there are still rules that need to be followed. Half the cast’s lines would get them fired, sued, or worse! But hey, it makes for some gripping TV.

When the Netflix alerts asks “are you still there?” Don’t be ashamed, just continue un-phased to watch the next 15 episodes and ignore that judgy computer wench.

Long before Game of Thrones, there was Grey’s Anatomy. No one is safe from Shonda’s extinction… no one. Don’t get too attached.

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