We Cannot Let the Actions of a Few Define All of Us

“So we cannot let the actions of a few define all of us.”

These words were spoken recently by our President at the NATO Summit in Poland. They could not be more true. It doesn’t always feel like a “few” though, does it? It feels like we are constantly barraged by awful news and actions of few, but amassing to many. Truthfully, we cannot allow our existence to be defined by radicals, those pulled into the darkness when there is so much beautiful light ready to be seen.

I often wonder about those who knowingly do harm. All we can do is wonder. How did they become this way? Why did they choose harm instead of kindness? I fear we will never know. This world can make a person mad, if they let it. But this world can also make one feel the most beautiful joy.

It is hard not be be defined by what is happening in our country – the few have become many, and the harm unending. I try to image why there is so much violence in our homeland, where we have the advantage of many freedoms and rights. Yet some cuts run deep and we see no horizon of healing. Love is what we need. And hope.

All lives matter. All humans matter. I am sad for the lives lost and contemplate how we can change perceptions, minds, and make our small piece of the world humble again. Change can spread like wildfire among us, with only a single thought igniting the match. Do not let these actions of few scar us, but deliver us from more tragedy.

America you are still beautiful, even with your bruises, broken knees and deep cuts, you will again walk tall… and be defined by greatness.


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