The Untimely Death of My Sony Vaio

I have had two laptops my entire life, the first was a Dell Inspiron, which was as big and bulky as a college textbook and purchased in the year 2005. It hummed sweetly, giving me no such trouble until one day, when it finally decided to give into the bright light of outdated technology. The old girl stopped working and never turned on again. We had a good ride.

In 2010, I purchased a Sony Vaio. I remember being giddy as I opened the box and saw the huge screen and backlit keys – a device prime and ready for hours of marketing research papers. The Vaio and I had a good run. Two years ago she started acting up, as technology tends to do these days! Like a terrible two year old, she refused to perform basic functions without some type of malfunctioning tantrum. I shrugged it off and starting using a Lenovo ThinkPad, my laptop from work.

The Vaio was barely used for quite some time. Recently, I started photography as a hobby. This meant RAW images, Adobe Lightroom and lots and lots of filled disk space. The little Sony machine could not keep up. Even after a new battery, there was little hope. The laptop couldn’t even open Lightroom, let alone let me edit a picture! I was gifted a removable storage drive from my Dad. After backing everything up, I decided it was time.

Let me say, I am a PC girl. Heck, my Dad and I used to go to computer shows buying RAM, CPUs and memory sticks, then go home and build one from scratch! When it came time recently for a replacement, I thought the decision was done and made. After some research and help from my husband, we compared models and I had my decision.

For my main uses of a personal laptop – blogging, photography and homework – a MacBook Pro was the best option. Believe me, I fought it. And to drop some serious coin on a new computer was not on my radar, but with my Vaio rendered useless, I had to take the plunge.
Now, sitting here on my brandy new gadget, I am quite happy. My blogging had gone wayside because of my declining Vaio, but now I am back in business! The MackBook Pro and I are working through our differences… and I am trying to learn all the “commands” and buttons. My old Sony Vaio will have a funeral, likely similar to the blessed fax machine in Office Space. I kid, I kid.


2 thoughts on “The Untimely Death of My Sony Vaio

  1. K.M. Sutton says:

    Once you go Mac you never go back! 😂 I absolutely adore my Mac and I love how of I write something on my phone it will automatically show up in my laptop and vice versa. I promise you, it will be a game changer!😍

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