Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter: My Precious

Perhaps many of you avid photographers have already discovered this little gem of a product, but for all those who haven’t, you can take a few moments to get acquainted! I typically take quite a few photos on my DSLR and then want to get them to my iPhone for editing. Before the Lightning USB Cable, I had created some crazy work arounds which included emailing myself pictures in batches. I knew there had to be an easier way!
img_2661Enter Apple’s lightning to USB camera adapter, my little precious! This tiny cable connects my iPhone to my fancy digital camera. The lightning cable has one end which goes right into the iPhone’s charging port and the other end has a spot for the camera’s typical data transfer cable. The USB would fit in the lightning cable and the other end would plug into the camera’s digital port – one seamless connection from phone to camera. Once the DSLR camera is flipped on, in your iPhone’s standard photo app you automatically will see a new group called “Import” along the bottom of the screen near the home button.
Once you tap import, you will be able to select which photos from the camera you want to upload – this could be one or all. Once you import using the cable, the photos from your camera will be on your phone in less than 30 seconds. One caveat, if you shoot in RAW or in large format, the imported photos will take up a lot of space on your iPhone.
After the import is complete, you have the option to remove or keep the photos on your camera. A dialogue box will pop up on your phone and ask your preference. I always hit “keep” and delete them from my camera manually if needed. Happy importing!

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