You Can Go Home Again…

Yes you can! I am fortunate my work allows me to travel back to the beautiful state of Maine periodically. With the sweltering heat of the south, I couldn’t get on the plane quick enough! My precious Maine was booming with the sweet smells of summer and full of tourists hungrily taking in the sights, sounds, and delicious cuisine.
As I landed, a strong sense of familiar cradled me. I was happy to be where things are known. As much as I love exploring the south – nothing compares to the stunning place in which I called home for the last eight years. I yearned for a lobster roll, the smell of the ocean, and the cool temps. She did not disappoint.
Although time was limited, I was able to briefly enjoy some grub at the Portland Lobster Company, take in the town of Kennebunkport and sit my bum in the sand at Cape Elizabeth State Park. Most importantly, I got to see my favorite person, whom I left in Maine. FaceTime has been a handy tool to stay in touch, but nothing beats seeing my best friend Beth live and in person.We caught up like two old biddies. I yapped on about my recent streak of bad luck and she told me how her graduate classes were going. It was like we never missed a beat. I was re-charged. Nothing can fuel the soul quite like quality time with your best friend.
After leaving Maine, and heading back to the hot south… I realized my true love for Maine. I will go back. Matt yearns for home too, and I think one day, we will go back and never leave. For now, Georgia it is!

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