Where Has All The Good Service Gone?

Where have all the cowboys gone? And where has all the good service gone?! Both are missing! I have had some recent horrific experiences with service lately – airlines, realty companies, care rentals, internet providers… the whole lot of them. In the marketing industry myself, I know how important customer service is to any business small or large. I am not sure if the southern heat is to blame or if companies aren’t caring about their customers due to a greater number of alternatives.

I have to say, I am loyal to brands who have amazing, top-notch service. I would take a bullet for Nordstrom because they have been so great to me over the years. Great service should include: making any wrongs right – and quickly, owning up and correcting mistakes,  accommodating generously, friendly, quick and easy access to help. My recent experiences have been atrocious – most notably the realty company here in Augusta.

I’m not sure if it’s been bad luck or what, but my experiences have given me quite the hesitation to do business anywhere else! I’m not usually a complainer, however the recent bad service has been too blatant to ignore. 

A good example of an issue lately was Avis. I was traveling for business and rented a car. I asked specifically to pre-pay for gas as that would alleviate me from having to fill it up…I was driving late into the night and didn’t want to bother with locating a gas station. At 11:45om I dropped off the car at the airport and headed to the Avis counter. I stated I had pre-paid for gas and was just dropping off the keys. The woman rudely told me I had not prepaid and she was charging me $15/gallon. What?! The gentleman who originally asisisted me with the rental made a mistake. Since it wasn’t in my contract… I was out of luck. The Avis representative was rude and did nothing to rectify the mistake the previous employee made. I ended up paying $30 to fill up the car’s tank. Just plain bad service!

This is just one tiny example of companies providing sub-par experiences to customers. I travel monthly for work and because of this terrible interaction, I am choosing any other rental company to do business with.

Has anyone else had any bad experiences lately? Fill me in!


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