Home in Suburbia: Move #2

We have been in Georgia only two short months, and already moved twice! This nomadic behavior is coming off the heels of a train wreck experience with the local realtors. On a more positive note, we are now in a beautiful house outside the city of Augusta – I couldn’t  be more thrilled with our darling little nest!

I took a week off from work and my Dad flew down from New Hampshire to help us move. I decided to hire movers to get everything from the old apartment to the new house. I couldn’t even fathom moving everything by hand again… only two months after our first move. The company would haul everything as long as it was in a box. My Dad and I made sure everything was ready to go. Matt was busy with his current OB/GYN rotation and studying for exams, so it was just my Dad and me for the most part.

Everything went swimmingly and soon I was unpacking our things and setting up our space to make it home. The house is lovely with high ceilings in the living room, a huge kitchen with granite counter tops, large fenced backyard, big spare rooms, and of course a sizeable master suite with ample closet space – hallelujah!

The neighborhood is like Pleasantville, where the grass is cut to perfection, everyone is smiling, the streets are immaculately clean, and all the cookie-cutter houses fly the American flag. I am home!

Content with the new space, I am now 100% focused on work and finishing my degree.

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