The Pros and Cons of Going for my MBA

I never quite understood those individuals who decide to stay in school for pretty much their entire first thirty years on the planet… until I married one. My husband has been in school, I would say, 90% of his life and is still going strong. As I am just about to finish my undergrad (hallelujah!), I am now contemplating my MBA. Like Matt, I have also been in school for most of my life (however only part time). It seems somewhat crazy to want to take on another year and half of schooling!

With my husband currently busy with clinicals, and me not knowing a single soul in Georgia, it seems I will have plenty of free time to get my MBA. My undergrad is in Marketing, so I will likely go in that direction unless something else moves me.

There are a few definite pros to getting the advanced degree, one being career progression. The MBA would help me in my current career path in Marketing or give me the competitive edge in the job market. Lastly, a big pro would be personal achievement… I would be so immensely proud of myself for getting an advanced degree. I will roll that piece of paper up and keep it under my pillow at night – no shame!

To top the list of cons would be cost – yikes. $1,800+ per class is steep and that doesn’t even include books! Another would be time. Graduate classes will be a lot more time intensive than undergrad, which I sailed through. I also work full time and the extra workload on top might be a little too much to handle. I would need to practice very good time management.

Since I have been working and in school part-time for quite some time, to be doing both just feels like the norm. I don’t quite yet know “freedom” from school – my weeknights and weekends are typically filled with writing papers and studying. Let’s just say, I don’t know any other way, so to keep pressing on won’t feel any different.

I have until January to decide, as that is when I fully complete my undergrad. I am strongly leaning towards getting the MBA. What a great example for our kids someday! I think education is extremely important and I want to be a shining example of what you can accomplish, even when it is hard, even when you don’t come from a strong financial situation, and even when it takes decades.

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