Just a Few for my Travel Bucket List…

Island of Fiji
17° 42′ 48.1356” S178° 3′ 54.1152” E
I made my husband promise me that someday (after he officially becomes an MD) he will take me here. The vacation of a lifetime and definitely number one on my list. I would spend my time beach-combing, napping in a hammock and perhaps learning to dive.

Capri, Italy
40° 33′ 11.5236” N14° 13′ 19.7544” E
I have a thing for islands, ok?! I have many locations in Italy I want to explore, but Capri tops the list. I would try some local pizza, and take a day cruise to see the breathtaking Faraglioni. I also might not be able to resist the Gardens of Augustas!

Santorini, Greece
36° 23′ 35.3616” N25° 27′ 41.4324” E
My dream is to watch the sunset from a villa perched high on the Santorini countryside. I also wouldn’t mind tasting some local Greek cuisine – yum!

Flathead Lake, Montana
47° 54′ 9.8352” N114° 6′ 6.0336” W
I would kayak the beautiful lake, then sniff out a hiking trail and photograph the area’s stunning mountains. I’d also have to find a local lodge and find an open fire to make s’mores!

Maya Bay on Ko Phi Phi Leh, Thailand
7° 40′ 41.4336” N98° 45′ 56.4192” E
As a movie buff, I’d want to explore The Beach and take in Thailand’s beautiful rocky landscape. I would get up early and venture to the bay, hoping to see the deserted sands free of tourists and enjoy the tranquil waters.

5 thoughts on “Just a Few for my Travel Bucket List…

  1. cwaugh212 says:

    I would suggest that you study about Fiji first. We were there in December. The current government is not particularly looking out for the well being of the islands. There is still beauty, but I am thinking Tahiti or the like might make a better choice. Check out my posts: https://charlesewaugh.com/2016/02/14/cruise-days-18-and-19-at-sea-and-then-lautoka-republic-of-fiji-december-10th-and-11th-2015/ and https://charlesewaugh.com/2016/02/15/cruise-day-20-dravuni-island-republic-of-fiji-december-12-2016/

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