Planning a Little Jaunt to Charleston, SC

Ecstatic to have my best friend coming to Georgia in t-minus 11 days! Still not knowing anyone here, it will be great to have a familiar face to hang with. Gosh darn, I miss the girl talks.

Being a fellow adventurer, my best friend Beth and I decided to plan a little getaway while she is down south. Charleston has been on our travel list for quite some time, and we will be only a few short hours away, now is a better time than ever! Carpe that diem.
photo-1441559457613-0fc5956e4155At the end of last week, I made our hotel selection. Learning my lesson from Savannah, I wanted a place with a pool because it is so terribly hot down here! Also, I picked someplace close to everything so we could venture out on foot. I have my eye on The Restoration, however, it was quite steep per night. We opted for something more modest, but still quite nice.

With some quick Google searches, I already have my eye on Middleton Place – they had me at “65 acres of formal landscaped gardens…” Rainbow Row also looks like a great place to photograph!

I’d love to hear suggestions on places to visit or eat – let me have ’em, comment below.

8 thoughts on “Planning a Little Jaunt to Charleston, SC

  1. Don Bussey says:

    Travel & Leisure says Charleston’s the #1 city in the world according to their readers, so plenty of choices! I have a bias because I work there, but Middleton Place is extraordinary on many levels – beautiful gardens, important history, excellent restaurant and more. So, too, is the Edmondston-Alston House at 21 East Battery downtown – the only historic house museum with views over Charleston Harbor.

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