To Make New Friends or Stay a Hermit…

I have toyed with the idea of staying a hermit while I reside in Georgia for the next year or s0, but part of me wants to make at least a few nice friends to hang with. Maine was such a fun and open city, there was always an influx of new blood pulsing through… an easy place to meet new people. My dearest little town in Georgia is not quite the same.

Recently, I attempted to browse the Meet Up scene via the iPhone app… results were almost abysmal. I am sure cities like Atlanta have a bunch of fun things going on, but not so much here.

I contemplate if I should just stay a recluse and enjoy the quiet time. In Maine I had a slew of family and friends to share my time with – I was busy! Taking a breath feels good. I get to focus on work, school, my husband and our fur-babies… but the void of a local friendship is still apparent.

The hard part about working from home, is no interaction with people. None. I don’t even see the mailman as he speeds by and drops off the day’s batch of bills. So what is a girl to do?! My first thought is to let a friendship happen organically, but my Millennial brain is telling me to put myself out there – now, now, now! Perhaps start my own Meet Up? Or maybe try to connect with some other local bloggers? Hmmm.

I try to think back to when I relocated to Portland, Oregon and how I handled that situation. I remember walking through the mall looking for a job – since I hadn’t lined one up before moving. Oh, those were the days. I remember meeting quite a few friends through work and then through other acquaintances.

For now, I have rekindled my love for leisure reading – yup, I got I freshly laminated library card and I am not afraid to use it! I also have had plenty of free time to photograph and blog… so not all bad. I will keep everyone posted on my quest for life on this southern planet!

7 thoughts on “To Make New Friends or Stay a Hermit…

  1. zaychishka says:

    Making new friends is so difficult! I’m already wondering if I’ll be able to make a few friends where I will be headed off to with my fiancé. It’s also hard to trust people, and to find those who are genuine …so I’m wishing you good luck

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  2. K.M. Sutton says:

    It is hard! Even in cities when their are large quantities of people, making friends can be difficult because it seems like everyone has their “Clique.” Meet up was and is great (Though I feel like that can be nerve wracking, so many new people at once especially if you go alone) My best bet was coffee shops, and the gym, especially if I took classes I would take the walk off the cliff and talk to a stranger! Surprisingly most didn’t bite and I made some great friends that way! 🙂 Good luck and hang in there! Hugs ❤

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