Tips for Getting Over a Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

walk (1)Everyone has bad days – even those who appear to have the perfect life shaped delicately through their social media stream. Of course these days not many people post about their flat tire or mountains of credit card debt – but it is out there! So here are some key tips to getting out of a rut and having a good day:

Smile more. You may not want to, but try! Think of something positive or a great memory. Bring yourself back to that very day and time. The bad day will pass and it will make room for more great days!

Vent. Get a friend and share what is happening. Believe it or not, it can help just to say what is happening out loud to someone. People want to be heard. I know that if something is irking me, I share with a close circle of friends or my Hubby. Once I get it out, the weight is lifted.

Do something you love. I am most relaxed when I am behind the camera taking photos of nature. This allows me to get outdoors and forget any worries I may have. I also love to get lost in a good book (to clarify, anything but a textbook). Lastly, I love taking my dogs for a walk, this helps me to decompress and gets my body moving.

Exercise and get moving. Stress can melt away with a quick walk or cardio session. Take your bad day out on the treadmill! I like to go for brisk walks or hit up a barre class… both are great and I feel accomplished after.

Listen to music or watch a funny movie. Both are great! Sometimes I wanna jam out to Carrie Underwood and sometimes I wanna watch Kerri Russell in Austenland covering Nellie’s “Hot In Here.” Laughter is always the answer!

Stay calm and think of a plan. Give yourself a few minutes to be upset over the issue or cause of a bad day. Once those minutes are over, center your chi and think of a way to fix the issue or solve the problem. Some issues can take longer to solve, and they may require patience and a long-term plan.

How to do you get through a bad day?!

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