The Cliché Reasons I Started Blogging…

For the money and the fame?! No, not a chance. As a creative soul and the inner-workings of a great writer, I wanted to flex my content creation skills. As you may remember from a post not long ago titled One Incredibly Terrible Interview, I spoke of an interaction where I was asked about my “content marketing” skills. Dumbfounded, I realized I didn’t really have any… a few days later this bouncing baby blog was born!

Not only do I love writing, using humor and clever words to make the reader laugh, but I also love photography. What else is there to blogging really? Nothing, friends. Nothing. I made up my mind and it was all systems go. I reached out to one of my best friends Kate, who has a lovely blog, and I picked her brain. We actually thought up some names together and she was amazingly supportive.A photo by Carli Jeen. didn’t want to be just about fashion, or beauty, or clothes, etc. I wanted something that was broad enough where I could let all my interests dovetail into a nice little package. Wanders° and Musing was born on a late evening in February of 2016. Yes, just 6 months ago. Let me tell you, it was like birthing a child. A lot goes into designing a layout, headers, categories, menus, photos, and the like. I don’t do anything half way, so that night I stayed up to the wee hours perfecting the theme.

Letting my creative talent flow through this blog has been incredible! I want to pass along not only great photos and content, but something that will impact my readers in a positive way. My message is mostly about self-love and inner beauty. Yes, clothes are nice, but they don’t make me who I am. My personality does, my struggles, my perseverance, my brain!

In 6 months, I have learned a great deal about blogging and look forward to continuing my journey. I’d love to hear everyone’s story – why did YOU start blogging?!

3 thoughts on “The Cliché Reasons I Started Blogging…

  1. evelyn802 says:

    You have created a beautiful blog in just 6 months. I’m very inspired! I started my blog as an outlet for my love of photography and just as a place to talk about the things that bring joy to me! x

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