So You Want to Work From Home?

workremote.jpgWorking from home is wonderful, and I am so lucky my company allows me to work 100% remotely from lovely Georgia. Going to an office everyday is great, however there is nothing like taking a conference call in your PJs and getting to raid your own fridge at lunchtime… not to mention the money you save in gas! When working remotely there are some things to keep in mind, I round up the need to know:

There will be very little face-to-face interactions with coworkers. This means two things – you will find yourself talking to your pets A LOT and might go a little stir crazy. Secondly, and most importantly, you will not have “face time” to talk through issues, shoot the breeze, ya know those normal interactions with people! Make sure you keep in touch through other channels like phone, email and chat.

You may face a lot of domestic distractions… cleaning, TV, blogging – don’t let them preoccupy you. Focus! It can be easy to throw in a load of laundry in between calls, or to let the dog out, but it is important to stay disciplined to work just as you would if you were sitting in a cubicle or office. I actually tend to get MORE done at home because there is absolute quiet and few interruptions.
desk2Make sure to hold yourself accountable and practice good time management. Even though you aren’t seen, you are still expected to do great work and be amazing. This means managing time appropriately and holding yourself to a rigorous standard. I am constantly quick to reply to emails, available for work chat, or open to talking through any issues on the phone. People need to know your are available and not in a black hole. This also means checking in with your peers and boss.

Schedule time with your boss and co-workers. This is important. I have a designated meeting with my boss every two weeks to ensure she is informed of any challenges or successes with my marketing programs. This touch-base is invaluable, as it gives me a pulse on how I am doing, and I get time to pick a very smart brain for an hour! Win/win.

So there you have it, friends! Working from home is the best, and I am so thankful I get to sit here from my darling little desk in Evans, Georgia and continue my work as a marketing maven.

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