The Most Perfect Gift

Best friends know exactly the perfect gift to give, and my BFF is no exception. Beth, one of my very best friends and Maid of Honor at my wedding, knew how much I wanted this bracelet. Not just any bracelet, but a personalized piece from a company called Coordinates Collection. This line allowed you to select a bracelet, ring, or necklace and have it engraved with the coordinates of a special location. For me, that is 43.5426° N70.3328° W the location where I married the man of my dreams – Pine Point Beach, Maine.


My Coordinates Collection Bracelet

Beth had ordered this a while ago, and since I moved south right after my wedding, she did not have the chance to gift it to me. Being the sweetheart that she is, she traveled down south to Georgia to visit her BFF last week. During this visit we planned some trips together, one being Charleston and the other Atlanta.

After checking into our hotel in Charleston, Beth asked if I wanted my gift. I of course said “yes.” She knew I had been coveting this bracelet for ages, as I liked almost every photo they posted on Instagram and even mentioned it in conversation. Beth knew this was the perfect gift. I squealed with delight as I opened the small rectangular box and uncovered the delicate piece of jewelry.


Beth and me on my wedding day

I honesty have no words for the thoughtfulness that went into this gift! I was so excited to receive it and the sentimental value is beyond words. The fact that Beth paid so much attention and selected the most perfect personlized gift, will always stay with me. Folks, when you find a best friend like this, you hang on for dear life. Ya hear?!

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