The Tastes of Charleston: My Food Experience

Charleston, SC was a dream – the sites, the culture, the charm… and the food! There were so many places to eat, and honestly there wasn’t a bad meal in the bunch. I wanted to share my most delicious meals from my visit to Charleston:

Praline French Toast with Candied Pecans and Rum Butter at Eli’s Table

Oak Steakhouse
Meal: Dinner
What I loved: The steak was cooked to perfection, and you can’t go wrong with a bernaise sauce! Atmosphere was lovely and our server was a hoot. I even treated myself to a dessert course, which consisted of Hummingbird Cake – epic.

Meal: Drinks
What I Loved: The outdoor seating area on the roof was cool, they made a mean “mock-tail” which tasted similar to a strawberry lemonade – yum. Cool vibe and great spot.

Somewhere North of Broad aka S.N.O.B.
Meal: Drinks
What I Loved: Another great “mock-tail” which was delicious. My friend got a boozy iced-tea which she said was very good. The bartender was very funny and engaging, he was joking with us within a few minutes… nothing “snobby” happening here!

Closed for Business
Meal: Lunch
What I Loved: This place had a cozy/laid back vibe, which I liked a lot. I ordered the fish and chips which were good. With my fries I got this special mayo which was delightful. Very solid experience!

Eli’s Table
Meal: Breakfast
What I Loved: Everyone was friendly…. from the servers to the hostess. I ordered the Praline French Toast and it was heavenly. I was quite close to licking the plate it was so good.

Urban Cookhouse
Meal: Lunch
What I Loved: Everything tasted so fresh! The sweet girl at the front counter let us sample the chicken salad which was yummy, I went on to order the sandwich. I also got a side of fruit and a sweet tea. This was the perfect spot and the food was spectacular.

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