My Escape out of Hermitville

I took the plunge, and escaped out of Hermitville. I recently submitted my application to volunteer at a local hospital. Hopefully my credentials pass muster! My husband, who is constantly at a hospital for his clinical work, inspired me to go out of my comfort zone with getting involved.
BeachWalkIn Maine I was active on a board of directors and had been engaged with the same philanthropic organization for over five years, eventually making my way to their executive board. You really can’t top that! With the move, I had to step down from the position. Now in a new place, I am back to square one. With my busy study schedule and full-time work, I still want to volunteer here in some small way.

While my best friend was here in Georgia, she urged me to take the step. I actually had her read my online application before I sent it. The options for positions were quite interesting, I decided on: rocking infants in the neonatal unit as well as a reading position, which would be to children who are admitted long-term.

It has been a week and still no word, patiently waiting for a call or email! I quite enjoy being involved, and this was a commitment of as little as six hours a month. Very reasonable. I am excited at the opportunity and hopefully I can start soon. I think this will be great way to meet people and get out of the house!

Trying to keep myself busy and make the most of my time here in Georgia.

One thought on “My Escape out of Hermitville

  1. K.M. Sutton says:

    Volunteering was actually how I began to make friends when I moved. Dog Shelters are a great place to volunteer at, as well as what you are doing. Also finding a church and getting involved through them. Not in the volunteering spectrum but, gym classes, and coffee shops you will find some great peeps there. Good luck on your continued quest out of Hermitville!:) And if you ever need sanity, I am always here too! ❤

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