Now That Diamond Really is Forever

The history of my engagement ring warms my heart. To this day, it is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. I feel the love radiating from it every time it gets slipped on my left hand. The ring is a family heirloom, passed down through generations for the past 90 years. This diamond has seen a lot of strong marriages. My husband is the youngest of nine children – so the fact that this jewel made it to me, is enough to bring me to tears!

Of course you know the story of our engagement, after which I learned the ring belonged to my now mother-in-law and the incredible length of years the stone has seen! I couldn’t believe the love she must have felt at that moment to happily bestow her youngest son with this gift for me… a symbol of a lifetime together. This speaks volumes about her respect for our relationship and the devotion to her son.
RingThis gem has been in the Carpenter family for almost a century, and now it sits on my hand, cherished. The catchy marketing slogan boasts “a diamond is forever,” which means nothing unless you have a marriage which also lasts forever. Coming from a divorced family, it was incredibly important for me to find a lifetime love.

My hope when I received a ring was that big, small, tiny, old, new, round, square – it was connected to a person who would love me faithfully until my dying day… well, and beyond really. I joke with my husband and say that even after I go I want him to mourn me. No dating, no second marriage. Forever love. No moving on!

Kidding aside. I hope someday I can exude the same selflessness and give this brilliant gem in the same way it was given to me – in hopes of forever.

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